Hay Chix

Hay Chix nets are proven to save time, money and hay!

Reduce clean up time in paddocks and pastures! By minimizing wasted hay on the ground there is much less to clean up. Go take a look at your manure pile, what does it say about your waste management?

The Hay Chix Net (formerly known as 'Cinch Net') is University proven to reduce waste by 57% in round bales and slow down consumption to a more natural rate. Want to see the studies done by University of Minnesota? Click Here

Respiratory Health: The net works as a barrier so your horse is not be able to bury it's head in the bale!

Overall: Horses are healthier when they are given the option to graze 24/7, as God intended. Should you horse be limited on how much they can consume? We have come up with many options to suite whatever your needs may be.